Remember the golden days forever.

There are moments in your life when you find your best friend, then life happens and things are difficult to hang out with.  You always can capture that moment. Here is our Besties Special, valid until the last day of February 2022.

Our Special Specifications

  • 30 to 60 minutes photoshoot,
  • from two friends being photographed,
  • outdoors location or indoor (your place if you have the required space and light, we will discuss that with you),
  • deliver time within five business days.

We will take as many photos as possible within the time frame.  Many posses and spots will be done.

What will You get?

  • only best shots,
  • all photos edited,
  • all mid-resolution photos for free; mid-resolution photos are big enough for social media posting or computer/mobile watching, Images are between 1600-2000 pixels from its larger edge,
  • an affordable and optional way to download a high-resolution copy or to order a hard copy (many options will be given).

How much does it cost? How do I book? What if there are no more bookings?

It is totally free, you just have to book. Our booking link has all the available slots, you do not need to ask if there is an available space, if the slot is free, take it.

If you don't find a slot free, could be because it is already taken or the special has ended. If that is the case, you can book us an affordable session.