Keep record of a very important day.

Birthdays can be a big deal for someone. If you are a proud parent or you want to remember your birthday party, this is for you. Our birthday special is valid for all of 2022, read about it below!

birthday polaroid collageOur Special Specifications

  • 15 minutes photoshoot,
  • for the birthday person (other people can be in the shoot, however, the birthday one must appear always),
  • in your place (you will let us know the hour you plan and we will arrive when the important moment will happen: cake, presents, happy birthday song),
  • deliver time within five business days.

We will take as many photos as possible within the time frame.  Photos will be of many posses and spots within your location.

What will You get?

  • one free edited photo of your choice,
  • an affordable and optional way to download a high-resolution copy or to order a hard copy (many options will be given) of all other photos.

How much does it cost? How do I book? What if there are no more bookings?

The birthday special has a price of 20 $ (Canadian dollars). You just have to book in advance, as we will coordinate with you about the arrival and the lighting conditions of your place.