Traditional photography puts a 3D-world into the two-dimensions paper. Sometimes, it is hard to get what is fully happening. A 360 Photo will allow you to enjoy not only the first plane but the full environment.

360 photos are very handy in situations like:

  • Birthday parties: especially when the cake candles are being blown. Everybody is around the birthday person.
  • BBQ's: imagine everybody talking with everybody while the cook is preparing a delicious beef.
  • Staging your home or car: two-dimension photos may not always show the full detail. There is no substitute like being there, but when you can't showing around in a 360 photo will give a good heads-up
  • Backstage photoshoot: it is always a good experience watching the full scenario behind the scenes.

You don't need any extra equipment to watch a 360 photo. Your current phone or tablet will be enough. Because we deliver using Google Photos, all you need is a Google Account and the installed application.