More Than Photos is convinced that photography should be affordable for everybody; we are very proud to introduce our $80 sunflower deal. Within one hour, we will take as many photos as possible. The photos will be uploaded to our portal.

You will be entitled to the following:

  • All the edited photos developed in medium resolution (ideal for social media).

Questions and Answers about this Deal

  1. Where is it?
    We will meet you at Fields of Gold.

  2. Isn't this like your $50 deal? Why $80?
    Very good observation! We have no relationship with Fields of Gold, therefore we must cover our fee each time we walk in.

  3. How long is the turnaround?
    Around one to three business days (maybe less).

  4. What kind of photos are covered in this deal?
    This deal is meant for individual and small group photos. Could be some of these:
    1. Families (and extended family members),
    2. Couples,
    3. Engagements (surprise proposals as well, if you want to engage in the fields give us heads up for that),
    4. Pregnancy,
    5. Babies & Toddlers,
    6. Besties,
    7. Modelling,
    8. Headshots & Portraits.

    It is not for:
    1. Parties,
    2. Weddings,
    3. Social events,
    4. Real Estate,
    5. Products.

  5. I don't live in Cornwall. May I still get this deal?
    The thing here is that you must go to Fields of Gold.

  6. Do photos come right from the Camera?
    No, all photos are subject to a post-production process.

  7. What are the benefits of getting photos post-processed?
    Depending on the photo, we can enhance it. Some of the things we do (when it applies) are:
    1. Remove temporal imperfections (mosquitoes pinches, pimples, some hair),
    2. Skin tanning,
    3. Lips colouring,
    4. Wrinkle softening,
    5. Light & Shadows,
    6. Colour grading,
    7. Sharp enhancement,
    8. Framing and perspective,
    9. Exposition and Temperature Homogenization.

  8. For how long do the photos stay in the portal?
    We do not have a specific time, it is for around six months (give or take).

  9. I really like the photos, may I get a print of one of the photos?
    Yes, the portal has the option to order prints.

  10. What payment methods do you accept?
    The $80 should be paid when we do the session (cash or e-Transfer), if you ever need to pay through the portal, it accepts credit/debit cards only.