More Than Photos ( > Photos) it is not just a business, but a lifestyle that as a consequence has become an income source. When you hire one of the offered services, make sure you will obtain the following:

Best Possible Price

Photography doesn't need to have prices that few may afford. Here we have the commitment of offering an affordable price as much as possible. If not free (when we give free specials), our rates will be one of the lowest on the market.

Free Mid-Resolution Soft Copies

Mid-Resolution photos are ideal for social media sharing. You will always get free mid-resolution photos on any free or paid service.

Mid-Resolution photos are those that have up to 2000 pixels on their largest side.

High-Resolution Paid Copies

When you get a paid service, we will deliver to you high-resolution JPEG copies. For us, a high-resolution photo is a photo that goes from 18 megapixels; usually from 4000 to 6000 pixels from its larger side.

More for your Money

When having a paid service, we will always try to give you more than the agreement we have. Some examples are: a) if we agreed on ten edited photos, we may give twelve, b) if we agreed on a three-hour event, we may stay thirty more minutes without extra charge, or c) if we agreed on bringing one photographer, we could bring a second or even a third without an extra charge.

What we decide to give more is up to our criteria and it depends on the kind of service.