Keep a record of how your family grows.

There is no better memory than keeping track of how your family evolves. From parents to their firstborn baby to a big family with teenagers or grandchildren. We will always be delighted to photograph your family.

birthday polaroid collageFamily Photoshoot

  • 1-hour photoshoot,
  • 2 photographers (we get photos from different angles),
  • for a family (it could include extended family, we understand a family comes in many ways we accept any kind of family as far as a parent-child or grandparent-child relationship is present),
  • in your place (your place must have enough space and lighting conditions) or in a public place (such as a park),
  • deliver time within five business days.

We will take as many photos as possible within the time frame.  Photos will be of many posses and spots within your location.

What will You get?

  • one free edited photo of your choice,
  • an affordable and optional way to download a high-resolution copy or to order a hard copy (many options will be given) of all other photos.

How much does it cost? How do I book? What if there are no more bookings?

Unless a special, standard rate for families is 50 CAD/hour. You can book using the booking link, if there is no space, please let us know, and we will see if we can move things on our end.