Because photography should be affordable for everybody, we are very proud to introduce our 50$ deal. Within a one-hour time frame, we will take as many photos as possible. The photos will be uploaded to our portal.

You will be entitled to the following:

Option A)

  • A coupon worth 50$ where you will able to purchase high-res digital copies or prints; anything extra should be purchased through the portal.
  • Mid-resolution digital copies of selected photos (in the Freebies section, if any)

Option B)

  • All the edited photos developed in medium resolution (ideal for social media).

Some Ideas

winter photos

winter photos

proposing by surprise

Questions and Answers about this Deal

  1. I am interested in the proposal surprise, how will you be there without being noticed?
    We will bring some long lenses that allow us to be 30 feet (10 meters) from you. We will be there pretending to take photos of other things and when the moment comes, we will turn the lenses to you.
    We should discuss the time and the place, as the more light there is, the more distance away we could be.

  2. How long is the turnaround?
    Around one week (maybe less).

  3. What kind of photos are covered in this deal?
    This deal is meant for individual and small group photos. Could be some of these:
    1. Families (and extended family members),
    2. Couples,
    3. Engagements (surprise proposals as well),
    4. Pregnancy,
    5. Babies & Toddlers,
    6. Besties,
    7. Modelling,
    8. Headshots & Portraits.

    It is not for:
    1. Parties,
    2. Weddings,
    3. Social events,
    4. Real Estate,
    5. Products.

  4. Where will the photoshoot be?
    Your place (if you have the space and enough lightning) or outdoors.

  5. I don't live in Cornwall. May I still get this deal?
    It really depends on where are you. If you live within 30km of Cornwall, you can have this deal. If you are far, we may ask for an extra to cover gas/food expenses. We also go a lot to Ottawa (for other reasons), if you coordinate with us, you may get this deal without extra if you select a date of a scheduled trip.

  6. Do photos come right from the Camera?
    No, all photos are subject to a post-production process.

  7. What are the benefits of getting photos post-processed?
    Depending on the photo, we can enhance it. Some of the things we do (when it applies) are:
    1. Remove temporal imperfections (mosquitoes pinches, pimples, some hair),
    2. Skin tanning,
    3. Lips colouring,
    4. Wrinkle softening,
    5. Light & Shadows,
    6. Colour grading,
    7. Sharp enhancement,
    8. Framing and perspective,
    9. Exposition and Temperature homogenization.

  8. For how long do the photos stay in the portal?
    We do not have a specific time, it is for around six months (give or take).

  9. How many photos may I get for the 50$ coupon only?
    It really depends on what are you selecting. 50$ is enough for two high-resolution digital photos, or for about 8 (give or take) 6x4 inches prints.

  10. I want more photos, after I apply the coupon, It still asks for payment. What do I do?
    Remember you are entitled to a coupon worth the value of the session (50$); with this said, if you put more items in your basket whose value is greater than 50$, the portal will ask you to pay the difference. You have the following options:
    1. Remove items until you are less or equal to 50$,
    2. Pay the difference.

  11. What payment methods do you accept?
    The 50$ should be paid when we do the session (cash or e-Transfer), if you ever need to pay through the portal, it accepts credit/debit cards only.

  12. May I share the coupon with someone else?
    No, the coupon is directly tied to the email address you provided us. However, you are free to share the gallery with everybody in case they want to get photos from there.