Since photography should be affordable for everybody, we are very proud to introduce our Wedding Special. Within the hired time, we will take as many photos as possible. The photos will be uploaded to our portal.

You will be entitled to the following:

  • All the edited photos, developed in medium resolution (ideal for social media).
  • HD or 4K video of key moments (if hired),
  • Portrait session (if hired)

Here is the catch, this special is only valid for February 2023. You can book a June wedding, but you must book it in February.

This special has expired.

Questions and Answers about this Deal

  1. Is there a down payment?
    Yes, we will ask you for a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

  2. Will we sign a contract?
    We usually do not provide a contract, as when there is no contract we always give more than expected. However, if you want to sign a contract, we will bring one to you where we will specify everything.

  3. When should I pay the rest?
    If there is no contract, we will ask for the following: at least 50% of the total amount should be covered before we start, and the rest when we deliver the photos/video. If there is a contract, all will be specified there.

  4. How long is the turnaround?
    Because a wedding usually has more than 200 photos, it will be around two weeks (maybe less). If you are planning a Honey Moon trip, we will do our best to have them ready when you are back.

  5. What kind of photos are covered in this deal?
    This deal is meant for weddings; with this in mind, the following is covered:
    1. Couple preparation (if hired): we will meet at the groom and bride's places and will take photos of the process. Please note we are a team of two photographers (female and male), in order to make this more comfortable, the male photographer will go to the groom's place and the female one to the bride's place.
    2. The ceremony: we will photograph everything we can during the ceremony. We will focus on the couple.
    3. Portrait session (if hired): it can take place before or after the ceremony (as requested). We will take portraits of the couple with all the guests (by family, by relationship, by gender, etc).
    4. The party (if hired): we will blend with the guest and we will take photos of the couple and friends celebrating the newlyweds.

  6. Where will the photoshoot be?
    Depending on what you have hired, it will be in different places. Some of them could be:
    1. Groom and Bride's places or Hotel rooms,
    2. The church (if applies),
    3. A close park where the ceremony takes,
    4. The salon where the party takes place.

  7. I don't live in Cornwall. May I still get this deal?
    Yes, of course, for this deal we cover the area that goes between Ottawa/Gatineau, Merrickville, Brockville, Cornwall, Hawkesbury & Montreal.

  8. Is the video in HD or 4K?
    At least in HD (1920 x 1080), we can't promise 4K always because of the light conditions. If there is not enough light (takes place at the night, or in an obscure place), 4K videos (3840 x 2160) do not look nice.

  9. I need a ballpark of the prices. Can you give me a number as a reference?
    Yes, please use the following as a price reference. 

    1. Only the ceremony (the minimum we do) without video (only photos of everything): $450 within a 1-2hrs
    2. Only the ceremony with photos and video: $650 within 1-2 hrs
    3. Groom and Bride's preparation with ceremony (only photos): $750 within 3-5 hrs
    4. Groom and Bride's preparation (only photos) with ceremony (photos and video): $950 within 3-5 hrs
    5. Only ceremony with portrait session: $500 within 1-2 hrs
    6. Only ceremony (photo and video) with portrait session (photos): $700 within 1-2 hrs
    7. The whole package: preparation, ceremony, portrait session, the party (photos and video): $2,000 within 6-8 hrs

    We are not usually clock-watchers. If you need 30 mins more, that would be on us, but if you want 2 hrs more, we can discuss it. As we said before, if there is no contract, we always try to give more than requested.

    These are not the final prices.

  10. Do photos come right from the Camera?
    No, all photos are subject to a post-production process.

  11. What are the benefits of getting photos post-processed?
    Depending on the photo, we can enhance it. Some of the things we do (when it applies) are:
    1. Remove temporal imperfections (mosquitoes pinches, pimples, some hair),
    2. Skin tanning,
    3. Lips colouring,
    4. Wrinkle softening,
    5. Light & Shadows,
    6. Colour grading,
    7. Sharp enhancement,
    8. Framing and perspective,
    9. Exposition and Temperature homogenization.

  12. Until what point do you edit the photos?
    This is a very good question. We do not alter the essence of the photo nor do we add/take out people who are in the foreground. Depending on the scene (and the photo itself), we may take undesirable people/objects in the background. We won't add people in any photo.

  13. For how long do the photos stay in the portal?
    We do not have a specific time, it is for around six months (give or take).

  14. I like one photo, as a print or high-resolution download, what should I do?
    If you want to get one of the photos in a different format than digital mid-resolution, the portal has the option to buy it.

  15. What payment methods do you accept?
    The portal accepts credit/debit cards only.